Release Agreement and Waiver of Liability

By participating in Team Portland Tennis Association organized tennis tournaments, competitions, social play and related activities and events, participants agree to waive any and all rights and claims for bodily or emotional injury; injury to their reputation; or any other damage or harms that they might suffer; or any other claims of any nature they or their legal representatives may have against Team Portland Tennis Association and its officers, the GLTA and its officers, all tournament sites, tournament sponsors, or any organization, facility or individual associated with these tournaments, competitions, social play and related activities and events.

Participants agree to participate at their own risk and the above organizations, facilities and individuals will not be responsible for any harm, injury or damage that they might suffer. They also release and waive any and all rights to claim damages or remuneration which may arise as a result of references to, photographs, images or likenesses of them which may appear in any publication or other media coverage.

In consideration of the opportunity to participate in this event herein referred to as ‘‘the program’’ made available through the Team Portland Tennis Association, herein referred to as “TPTA,” I agree as follows:

1. I understand and acknowledge that participation in the program may be dangerous and may involve risks which include, but are not limited to, bodily injury, partial or total disability, paralysis and death. I also understand and acknowledge that the social and economic losses or damages which can result from those risks and dangers can be severe and that not all such risks and dangers may be known or reasonably foreseeable at this time. I accept the responsibility for losses or damages resulting from all such risks and dangers involved in participation in the program.
2. I agree to take appropriate precautions for my own safety and that of others when participating in the program and further agree that, before participating I will inspect the facilities and equipment to be used and will, if I believe anything is unsafe, immediately advise the person in charge of that unsafe condition and will refuse to participate.
3. I hereby release, waive and discharge TPTA, its coaches, instructors, officials and volunteers engaged by TPTA, in the conduct of the program, and TPTA officers, directors, agents and employees, from all liability to me and to my conservators, guardians or other legal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin for any and all claims, demands, losses or damages on account of any injury, death or damage to property, arising out of my participation in the program, arising from negligence, whether on TPTA related premises or elsewhere, including transportation of myself and/or my child/ward to and from events and venues.
4. If competing in an offsite event/venue, I assume responsibility for transportation of myself and/or my child(ren)/ward(s) to and from those events and/or venues.
5. I also hereby agree to indemnify and to hold harmless from any claim or demand on account of injury or damage which I may suffer as a result of participation in the program TPTA and all other persons mentioned in Paragraph 3.
6. I understand that this release, waiver and agreement to indemnify and hold harmless includes, but is not limited to, damages which are caused, or alleged to be caused, in whole or in part by the negligence of TPTA and the individuals listed in Paragraph 3.

I have read the above agreement of release and waiver of liability and understand that agreeing to this waiver I have given up substantial rights. I agree to this agreement voluntarily.