JOIN Team Portland Tennis Association (TPTA) March Madness Fundraiser! Share and invite your friends.

March Madness is upon us and for those of you who like to fill out a bracket every year and root for your favorite college hoops team, TPTA has an opportunity for you! (Even if you know nothing about college basketball it is still a fun way to compete with your friends off of the tennis courts.)

This is a fundraiser for TPTA and also an opportunity for someone to win a little cash. Each entry costs $10 and you can enter up to 5 brackets. 50% of all the money collected will go to TPTA and then the 1st place winner receives 30% and 2nd place gets 20%.

Time is of the essence because the first round of games begin on Thursday March 15th. Here’s what you need to do in order to enter your bracket (s):

Go to PayPal and send $10 for each bracket (for example, if you enter 4 brackets send $40 to TPTA) before midnight on Wednesday March 14th. Use this email address for PayPal:

If you do not have PayPal, you can send a check made out to : “Team Portland Tennis Association” to this address: PO Box 28489, Portland, OR 97228

If you do this, your envelope must be postmarked by March 15th!

If you enter a bracket but do not pay your entry fee before the deadline above, then you are not eligible to win the prize money.

Go to the ESPN website to create an account so you can join our private group and fill out a bracket (it’s FREE to do this). Here are the instructions:…/…/en/story…

Once you have created an ESPN username and password you can join our group: “TPTA Tennis Group” and fill out up to 5 brackets. You must do this before early morning Thursday March 15th, once the first game begins (usually 8am) you will be locked out of the group and will not be able to enter your bracket. Here is the link to our group information:…/…/en/group…

Here is the important information you need to know to join our TPTA group:
Group: TPTA Tennis Group
Motto: Game Set Match
Group Password: rosecityopen

When you create a bracket (or multiple entries) please use FIRST & LAST names so we can identify the winners. And if you have multiple entries, then
add a 1, 2, 3, etc... at the end of your name. Examples of good bracket names:

“rogerfederer1” or “serenawilliams2”. Examples of what NOT to do:
“ilovetennis”, “sexytennisplayer1”, “anonymousbracket3”

Please share this with your tennis friends and family. The more people who enter, the more money we raise for TPTA and the bigger the earnings are for the winners!

Thanks and good luck!!!